Wrestling Fundamentals

Wrestling is not all about the ferocious moves and tricks that you can see in many wrestling shows on TV. It also involves skills and tactics to win the bout. If you want to try and start wrestling, you must first forget the complicated moves and tricks you have seen on TV but somehow learn the […]

4 Basic Boxing Punches

Before you dreamed of being the best boxer in the world, you must first be an expert on how to execute the basic punching techniques. Learning these basics is really necessary if you are looking to master the other boxing moves that are so complicated to do. This will serve as your first step on […]

7 Top Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport as of today. Maybe because it is widely considered as a sport, a fitness routine and a type of self defense. But it is more popular as a fitness routine by many people because of how intense this sport is. Doing boxing provides the best workout you can have. […]

Common Boxing Mistakes By Beginners

Most amateur boxers or beginners in boxing do really commit mistakes. It is unavoidable as a beginner because you are still on a stage where you are learning the basics and other styles to improve your skills. But it is also best to know the possible mistakes that you may do in advance for you […]

Best MMA Female Fighters – Part 1

When we talk about MMA, what we always imagine are the famous male MMA fighters that we know. But as of today, almost all of the MMA promotions in the world have female fighters already and some of them are champions on their respective weight divisions. One of the most notable female MMA fighter is […]

Basic Boxing Tips For Beginners

Boxing is not just a combat sport today because it is widely used also as a fitness routine by many fitness enthusiasts. This was because your whole body is involved on boxing and it makes you sweat and burn fat faster. It also improves your mind and body coordination. Now, are you looking to try […]

George Michael “Micky” Ward, Jr.

As you all know by now I am into boxing. Recently I had the privilege of flying into Boston. So, I decided to hire an Airport Shuttle Service to Lowell MA. And go visit where George Michael “Micky” Ward, Jr. was born and got his start with the Golden Gloves. George Michael “Micky” Ward, Jr. […]

ONE Championship – Mixed Martial Arts

MMA (mixed martial arts) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. Many MMA promotions came out and starting to rise also like ONE Championship. One Championship or previously known as ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) is a very famous Singaporean-based MMA promotion in Asia. It was established by multimillionaire entrepreneur Chatri […]