10 Best Pound For Pound Fighters In UFC

This ranking is based on the UFC’s best pound for pound fighters on all divisions but we only get the names of their top 10 out of 15. The UFC’s ranking was based on the voting results of the voting panel that was made up of media members. The voting panel was asked to vote the fighters whom they think are the best pound for pound. All UFC fighters are qualified to be voted as long as they are still active. Below are the names of all the top 10 best pound for pound UFC fighters together with some basic information about them.

  1. Frankie Edgar

    frankie edgar

Frankie Edgar is a 34 year old American mixed martial artist and is currently the 3rd best featherweight UFC fighter and the former UFC Lightweight Champion. He is the 10th best pound for pound fighter in UFC right now with a record of 20 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. Edgar has been active in MMA since 2005.

  1. Michael Bisping

    Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is currently the UFC Middleweight Champion and the 9th on the rank of pound for pound fighters. He is a 37 year old MMA fighter from England. Bisping is the first English fighter that appeared in a UFC main event and the first British UFC champion. He has some previous titles of Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion and The Ultimate Fighter 3 Light Heavyweight Tournament winner. Out of his 36 MMA fights, 29 are wins and only 7 are losses.

  1. Jose Aldo

    Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo has a record of 25 wins and only 2 losses. He is currently the 8th UFC pound for pound fighter and the former UFC Featherweight Champion after he was defeated by Conor McGregor in just 13 seconds. Jose Aldo is a very strong Brazilian martial artist in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

  1. Daniel Cormier

    Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is an American MMA fighter and a former Olympic wrestler. He is now the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion with 17 wins and only one loss in UFC. Cornier is currently the 7th UFC pound for pound and was the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion.

  1. Conor McGregor

    Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is the current UFC Featherweight Champion and 6th UFC pound for pound fighter. He is an Irish MMA fighter that already competed with the other UFC divisions such as featherweight, lightweight and welterweight. McGregor is the first Irish born UFC Champion when he defeated Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds in 2015 and became the UFC Featherweight Champion. That win of him was the fastest victory ever in a UFC title fight history. McGregor has 19 wins and 3 losses.

  1. Rafael dos Anjos

    Rafael dos Anjos

Rafael dos Anjos is a 31 years old Brazilian UFC Lightweight Champion. He has 25 wins and 7 losses in his UFC career and currently the 5th in the ranking of UFC pound for pound. Anjos is a 3rd degree black belt in BJJ and black Praijed in Muay Thai.

  1. Robbie Lawler

    Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler is an American Welterweight Champion and currently the 4th UFC pound for pound fighter. He is a southpaw and using boxing and wrestling styles on his fights. Lawler’s been active in UFC since 2001 and has a record already of 27 wins, 10 losses and 1 no contest decision.

  1. Dominick Cruz

    Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz is one of the fastest MMA fighters in UFC and currently the two time UFC Bantamweight Champion. He was stripped of his title in 2014 but made the greatest comeback in 2016 and became the UFC Bantamweight Champion again. Cruz has only 1 loss in his career and has 22 wins. Since 2005, he was been on 3 weight divisions already.

  1. Demetrious Johnson

    Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson or commonly known as the “Mighty Mouse” is an American MMA fighter and currently the UFC Flyweight Champion. He currently holds also the longest active championship reign at 8 title defenses. With a record of 24 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, Johnson is known for being a quick fighter. He holds many records in UFC such as most takedowns in UFC flyweight history, latest finish in UFC history and the only player to record 10 takedowns in his three different fights.

  1. Jon Jones

    jon jones

Jon Jones is the best pound for pound fighter in UFC and still 28 years old. He is an American MMA fighter and the current interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones is widely known as the best MMA fighter in the world and also one of the greatest fighters who played the sport. He won his first championship in March 2011 when he was still 23. Because of that, Jon Jones became the youngest champion in UFC history. He has 22 wins, 1 loss and 1 disqualification in April 2015 but reinstated in October 2015.

For you to really appreciate all these fighters above, I recommend you to watch some fight videos of them. It will really be awesome because these fighters above are really great. They are the fighters that even some other UFC fighters are afraid to fight off because there is a chance that they can really knocked you out in just a matter of seconds.

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