13 Interesting Facts About Conor McGregor

Conor Anthony McGregor or commonly known as “The Notorious” is a very famous Irish professional mixed martial artist now fighting in the UFC octagon.  His popularity today is maybe because of his superb skill and great attitude when he steps on the octagon. Well in fact, he is listed as one of the top fan favorite MMA fighters in the world. We already know much of him related to UFC or MMA fighting but not all of it including his personal life before being a pro fighter. So, on this article we will be talking a lot about all the important facts that maybe you didn’t even know about the current UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

  1. One reason he started combat sport was because of bullyiconor-mcgregorng. McGregor was being bullied when he was still a kid due to his small body frame.
  2. We cannot hide the fact that he is now very rich because of his earnings doing professional MMA but it is the complete opposite of it as he grew up. Actually, he lived in poverty in Ireland by only collecting social welfare checks.
  3. McGregor always have an old hat from his grandfather on his bag to remind him where he came from but it was reportedly stolen out from his car so it is no longer on his possession this time.
  4. He served as an apprentice as a plumber before he completely do mixed martial arts.
  5. Football is a very popular sport in Europe that McGregor also tried it. In fact, he played football for the “Lourdes Celtic” before he officially does MMA.
  6. He was already a two-division champion in the Cage Warriors FC (featherweight and lightweight) before joining UFC. This achievement also made him as the first non-American fighter to have two world title in two different weight classes.
  7. McGregor really have a great fashion style as he was named as the “Most Stylish Man in Ireland”. He said that his reason for being so fashionable is because he is representing his country internationally.
  8. He doesn’t believe on any superstitions as he calls it as another form of “fear”.
  9. McGregor once knocked out his opponent in just 4 seconds. It is one of the fastest knockouts ever.
  10. He has a sister named Erin who is a competitive body builder.
  11. McGregor vocally supports gay rights and same sex marriage as he believes that every human deserves equal rights.
  12. Many people witnessed his greatness once again when he suffers from a torn ACL during his fight with Max Holloway but still managed to win at the end.
  13. McGregor was dubbed as the “Irish Muhammad Ali” by UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.

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