Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez – 15 Interesting Facts About Him

Being ranked as one of the pound for pound boxers is already a huge honor, how much more if you are the number one in the ranking. The number one pound for pound boxer in the world today is considered also as the best boxer in the world. This spot is currently owned by Roman Gonzalez, a 29 year old undefeated champion from the country of Nicaragua.

Below are some of the important facts about Roman roman-gonzalezGonzalez:

  1. His complete name is Roman Alberto Gonzalez Luna. Born on June 17, 1987.
  2. Gonzalez is the first boxer from Nicaragua to win 4 world titles in 4 weight classes. He first held the WBA minimum weight title from 2008 to 2010. Next was the WBA light flyweight title from 2011 to 2013. Then the lineal flyweight titles from 2014 to 2016. Now, he is currently holding the WBC super flyweight title since September 2016.
  3. He has a very high knockout-to-win ratio of 83% that is why he is currently the top pound for pound boxer in the world by The Ring.
  4. He started fighting as a professional boxer in 2005 and remains undefeated since then. Out of his 46 wins, 38 of those are by knockouts.
  5. He loved to play soccer before he decided to do boxing.
  6. Gonzalez’s family was so poor as he grew up that is why he was so different from the other kids on their area. Instead of playing with his friends, he had to sell pesticides together with his father.
  7. He was married in 2009 to Raquel Doña but got divorced in 2011. They have 2 children that are living in Managua, Nicaragua.
  8. He was hoping that his son would follow his footsteps and also become a boxer someday.
  9. Gonzalez is publicly an open supporter of the FSLN political group in Nicaragua.
  10. He is practicing Christianity and only fears God.
  11. His favorite food is carne asada or grilled beef with plantain chips.
  12. Gonzalez loves to collect Air Jordans and as a matter of fact, he currently owns 11 pairs of that type of sneakers.
  13. Gonzalez would like to be a Christian pastor after he is through with boxing.
  14. He loves to read anything about aliens during his free time.
  15. Gonzalez also loves to ride roller coasters.

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