20 Important Facts About Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey

If you are a guy who is searching for a woman to be your date, it would be best if she is not someone like Ronda Rousey. Doing this will not just make you safe from heartaches, but will also keep you away from bruises and injuries whenever you will have a fight. If you want to know why, then the best reason for this is that Ronda Rousey is the considered today as the strongest and the fiercest woman MMA fighter in the world. She is not just popular for being an MMA fighter, because she is also a very well-known judo champion and Hollywood actress. Continue reading “20 Important Facts About Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey”

20 Important Facts About Anderson “The Spider” Silva

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is a very popular Brazilian mixed martial artist that currently fights under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He had been an MMA fighter for almost 2 decades and already gathered a lot of major awards and championships. Silva is also one of the top fan favorite MMA fighters because of his lovable attitude towards his fans. Continue reading “20 Important Facts About Anderson “The Spider” Silva”

16 Important Facts About Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

Demetrious Johnson may have a small body frame, but he is one of the best and most popular MMA fighters today. He is currently the Flyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Johnson is the first and the only UFC fighter who have won this belt since September 2012 and defended it eight times already. Because of his greatness inside the octagon, he is now the top pound-for-pound MMA fighter, a spot where not just anyone can have. Continue reading “16 Important Facts About Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson”

13 Interesting Facts About Conor McGregor

Conor Anthony McGregor or commonly known as “The Notorious” is a very famous Irish professional mixed martial artist now fighting in the UFC octagon.  His popularity today is maybe because of his superb skill and great attitude when he steps on the octagon. Well in fact, he is listed as one of the top fan favorite MMA fighters in the world. We already know much of him related to UFC or MMA fighting but not all of it including his personal life before being a pro fighter. So, on this article we will be talking a lot about all the important facts that maybe you didn’t even know about the current UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor. Continue reading “13 Interesting Facts About Conor McGregor”

MMA Common Disciplines

MMA or mixed martial arts is a combat sport that a fighter can use different types of disciplines or fighting styles.  This discipline can be boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and etc. Most fighters don’t settle to just learn one discipline. As a matter of fact, some of them even know 4 or more fighting styles. This is because the more skills they have, the more chances of them on winning the match. As long as the fighter follows the MMA rules, he is free to use any style or styles he wants to use. Continue reading “MMA Common Disciplines”

Best MMA Female Fighters – Part 1

When we talk about MMA, what we always imagine are the famous male MMA fighters that we know. But as of today, almost all of the MMA promotions in the world have female fighters already and some of them are champions on their respective weight divisions. One of the most notable female MMA fighter is Ronda Rousey, the first UFC and MMA fighter to win the Best Fighter ESPY Award at the 2015 ESPN ESPY awards. A female MMA fighter like Rousey really deserves a spot in this sport. They all deserve the same recognition that male athletes have.

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ONE Championship – Mixed Martial Arts

MMA (mixed martial arts) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. Many MMA promotions came out and starting to rise also like ONE Championship. One Championship or previously known as ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) is a very famous Singaporean-based MMA promotion in Asia. It was established by multimillionaire entrepreneur Chatri Sityodtong and former ESPN Star Sports senior executive Victor Cui on July 14, 2011. Their first event was held on September 3 2011 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. As of today, they already held more than 40 events with shows being held across the Asian continent.

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10 Best Pound For Pound Fighters In UFC

This ranking is based on the UFC’s best pound for pound fighters on all divisions but we only get the names of their top 10 out of 15. The UFC’s ranking was based on the voting results of the voting panel that was made up of media members. The voting panel was asked to vote the fighters whom they think are the best pound for pound. All UFC fighters are qualified to be voted as long as they are still active. Below are the names of all the top 10 best pound for pound UFC fighters together with some basic information about them.

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