7 Top Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport as of today. Maybe because it is widely considered as a sport, a fitness routine and a type of self defense. But it is more popular as a fitness routine by many people because of how intense this sport is. Doing boxing provides the best workout you can have. All the bones and muscles of your body will be use. More fats will be burn. That’s how intense boxing is but it’s not just that. There are a lot of other benefits that you can have by doing boxing. Know some of it below. Continue reading “7 Top Benefits of Boxing”

Common Boxing Mistakes By Beginners

Most amateur boxers or beginners in boxing do really commit mistakes. It is unavoidable as a beginner because you are still on a stage where you are learning the basics and other styles to improve your skills. But it is also best to know the possible mistakes that you may do in advance for you to prevent it in the early stages of learning. This may apply to amateur boxers also. It is best if an amateur boxer will reflect what are their mistakes or the mistakes that they may do in boxing. Continue reading “Common Boxing Mistakes By Beginners”

Basic Boxing Tips For Beginners

Boxing is not just a combat sport today because it is widely used also as a fitness routine by many fitness enthusiasts. This was because your whole body is involved on boxing and it makes you sweat and burn fat faster. It also improves your mind and body coordination. Now, are you looking to try boxing but doesn’t know where to start? Don’t worry because we have prepared below all the necessary tips for any beginner to start doing boxing. These tips are just basics and you can follow it easily even if you don’t have any knowledge with it.

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Boxing Basics You Should Know

What Is Boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport where two people are wearing gloves and fight using only their fists. They are fighting inside a boxing ring where they will try to knock out their opponent for a certain time in a round. Every round usually takes 3 minutes long with 1 minute break after each round. The number of rounds on every match is based on what title these boxers are fighting for. Continue reading “Boxing Basics You Should Know”