Common Boxing Mistakes By Beginners

Most amateur boxers or beginners in boxing do really commit mistakes. It is unavoidable as a beginner because you are still on a stage where you are learning the basics and other styles to improve your skills. But it is also best to know the possible mistakes that you may do in advance for you to prevent it in the early stages of learning. This may apply to amateur boxers also. It is best if an amateur boxer will reflect what are their mistakes or the mistakes that they may do in boxing.

Below are the common possible mistakes that an amateur boxer can make. These mistakes may apply also to those boxers that are not an amateur already but are still lacking in skills on this sport.

  • Throwing strong punches early on the training – Although boxers are considered great if they can throw strong punches but it is a mistake if you are still a beginner. Because as a beginner,Boxing Tips For Beginners 3 you are still on a process of familiarizing the timing of your punches and how to throw it correctly. There is a possibility of you having an injury if you will do this mistake and it will certainly ruin your dream to be a boxer.
  • Overemphasizing on the boxing preparations – Yes, jogging, doing jumping rope and other boxing warm-ups to prepare for a boxing fight is good but too much of it is already inappropriate. Doing too much of these exercises will lead to fatigue that will affect your performance on the actual fight. These will also lead to some injuries.
  • Too much training – Over training will also affect a boxer’s performance. It can slow down a boxer’s speed and it can also cause an injury. The correct training should be until the capacity of your body. Rest when you are tired or something is aching already.
  • Hesitation – Never hesitate to throw a punch to your opponent because it will serve as a window of opportunity for him to counter your punches. You will never win a bout when you will always hesitate.
  • Drinking too much water during workout – It is very important to be hydrated during workouts but again, too much water will leave your stomach bloated and it will really be difficult for you to move or much worse, you will suffer an abdominal pain. The right thing to do is to take just a little amount of water during workout enough to dampen your mouth. Just take the amount of water that you want after your training.
  • Focusing the practice only on punches – Though boxing is a sport of punching, you should not focus only on practicing how to punch. Remember, boxers are not just throwing punches on the ring. They are also dodging, running and etc. So better balance your time on practicing the different skills that you should have on boxing.
  • Forgetting the basics – You should never forget the basics of boxing in the process of improving your skills. These basics are the most important fundamentals of all. You will never improve if you will forget these.

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