Common Wrestling Terminologies And Definitions

Are you fond of watching some wrestling shows? Have you heard some of their terminologies that sometimes you don’t understand? Worry no more as we will explain to you the meaning of these common wrestling terminologies below so that you can already understand what the wrestling commentators are talking the next time you will watch a wrestling match. Continue reading “Common Wrestling Terminologies And Definitions”

Common Freestyle Wrestling Moves

We are already done learning the wrestling fundamentals on our previous post. So, basically we already know the basics on how wrestling should be done correctly. Now it’s time for us to learn some of the common freestyle wrestling moves that can always be seen when we watch freestyle wrestling shows and bout. Though we always see these on TV, some of us did not even know the name of those moves that sometimes we even replicate when we do wrestling. If you want to know more and be better on wrestling, then you should learn the freestyle wrestling moves. You will practice on how it is done properly first so that you can use it if you will compete on a wrestling match. Continue reading “Common Freestyle Wrestling Moves”

Wrestling Fundamentals

Wrestling is not all about the ferocious moves and tricks that you can see in many wrestling shows on TV. It also involves skills and tactics to win the bout. If you want to try and start wrestling, you must first forget the complicated moves and tricks you have seen on TV but somehow learn the basic skills or aspects required to start doing it. These basic aspects are just too simple too understand so it would be easy for you to learn also. Continue reading “Wrestling Fundamentals”

Wrestling Physical And Mental Preparations

It is very essential to prepare your mind and body when you want to start wrestling. Being mentally prepared and physically fit will help you reach your highest potential on this kind of combat sport. Wrestling is not just based on how strong you are or how quick you are on the ring. Your presence of mind is also very important because it will be the one which will guide you throughout the game. But the questions are, how will you prepare both your mind and body?  What are the best practices you should do?

Continue reading “Wrestling Physical And Mental Preparations”