Common Wrestling Terminologies And Definitions

Are you fond of watching some wrestling shows? Have you heard some of their terminologies that sometimes you don’t understand? Worry no more as we will explain to you the meaning of these common wrestling terminologies below so that you can already understand what the wrestling commentators are talking the next time you will watch a wrestling match.

  • Breakdown – A technique used to break an opponent by removing his/her hand and knee supports.
  • Crossface – A wrestling technique that uses a hand/wrist to control an opponent by holding his/her face.
  • Decision – This is the result of the match when a wrestler scores more points than the opponent.
  • Default – When a wrestler is unable to continue the match because of a disqualification or injury.
  • Disqualification – When a wrestler is eliminated in a match or tournament because of his violation to a certain rule.
  • Escape – A term that is used when a wrestler that is being controlled by the opponent escapes and return to his/her neutral position.
  • Fall/Pin – A wrestling technique by pressing the opponent’s shoulder or the upper body to the mat. If being executed successfully, this technique can end a match instantly.
  • Forfeit – This happens when the opponent fails to appear on the scheduled match for a certain reason. The wrestler who is on the ring and ready to fight will be automatically declared as the winner.
  • Hand Control/Fighting – An offensive maneuver that a wrestler will be using his hand to gain control of the opponent.
  • Major Decision – This occurs when a wrestler scores less than 8 points and not more than 14 points on his/her wrestling victory.
  • Neutral Position/Neutral – A position when both of the wrestlers don’t have any control with each other.
  • Optional/Freestyle Start – A starting position on which the wrestler places his hands on the bottom back of the opponent. He has an option to release the opponent or continue the fight.
  • Penalty – Points awarded to the wrestler whose opponent violated a certain wrestling rule. One penalty equal is equal to one point.
  • Reversal – This is the term used when a defensive wrestler escapes and took control of the opposing wrestler using the same technique.
  • Riding – This is a term used when a wrestler is on top of his opponent and controlling him.
  • Shoot – A term when attempting to make a takedown to the opponent.
  • Sprawl – This is a technique for defending a takedown that uses the wrestler’s leg on executing it.
  • Stalemate – This is a call made when both of the wrestlers are stuck in a position where both of them don’t have a chance of scoring.
  • Stalling – A term used for a wrestler who fails to take control or pin the opponent.
  • Stance – The correct standing position.
  • Takedown – An act from the neutral position a when the opponent is taken down suddenly to the mat and being controlled.
  • Technical Fall – This happens when a wrestler has a 15-point advantage to his opponent.

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