Common Freestyle Wrestling Moves

We are already done learning the wrestling fundamentals on our previous post. So, basically we already know the basics on how wrestling should be done correctly. Now it’s time for us to learn some of the common freestyle wrestling moves that can always be seen when we watch freestyle wrestling shows and bout. Though we always see these on TV, some of us did not even know the name of those moves that sometimes we even replicate when we do wrestling. If you want to know more and be better on wrestling, then you should learn the freestyle wrestling moves. You will practice on how it is done properly first so that you can use it if you will compete on a wrestling match.

Let’s get started now by learning the common freestyle wrestling moves we have listed below:

  • Ankle lockfreestyle wrestling - ankle lock

Ankle lock is perform by seizing the ankle of your opponent and locks it. You should seize it tightly so that you have strong grab to its ankle and take him down properly. Your opponent should be forced onto the back so you can grab his ankle and foot for you to twist it easily. Doing this will force your opponent’s shoulder to be on the ground when you elevate his ankle while holding it tightly because it is so painful for him/her.

  • Leg lock

    freestyle wrestling - leg lock

Leg lock is the same with ankle lock that you will have to make your opponent lie down on the floor. When he/she is already lying, you will now then grab his legs and hold it tightly towards your body. You should be sitting on his butt area to have more control on his legs. This will be too painful for him because of the tightness and the extension you are doing to his legs. This move might force your opponent to a submission that will lead to his defeat.

  • Headlock

    freestyle wrestling - head lock

Headlock is the most common finishing move in wrestling. It is done by placing your arms tightly on the neck and head area of the opponent. This is a critical move that needs proper execution to prevent an accident because it involves the grabbing of the neck and the head that is a critical area of the body.

  • Suplex

    freestyle wrestling - suplex

Suplex is the grabbing of the opponent’s waist tightly using both of your arms. After you grab his waist, lift him/her to a high level then fall forward onto him/her. This move really needs a great strength from you so that you can lift your opponent properly.

  • Leg sweep

    freestyle wrestling - leg sweep

Leg sweep is the last common freestyle wrestling move we will discuss. This involves the sweeping of the opponent’s legs for him/her to be out balance and fall down. First is you have to hold your opponent’s upper chest area and sweep his legs using your one leg from the under. While you are sweeping his legs, push him to the opposite direction so that he will fall down on the floor and you will gain points.

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