Wrestling Fundamentals

Wrestling is not all about the ferocious moves and tricks that you can see in many wrestling shows on TV. It also involves skills and tactics to win the bout. If you want to try and start wrestling, you must first forget the complicated moves and tricks you have seen on TV but somehow learn the basic skills or aspects required to start doing it. These basic aspects are just too simple too understand so it would be easy for you to learn also.

  • Stance – This refers to your body position when fighting. You can use either a square stance or a staggered stance depending on what you like and which are you most comfortable of. These are just equally well. You should bend your body at all times to prevent a possible take down from your opponent. Then, put the weight of your body to the balls of your feet to have a better balance and quickness during the bout.
  • Movement – Like any other combat sports, wrestling do requires also lots of movement from you. This can be a move to defend or to attack the opponent. You should practice different kinds of moves so that your opponent can’t read what you will do next. When attacking, your move should be pwretling fundamentalsrecise and strong for it to be more effective. Then, during defense, keep it tight and always look at your opponent to defend better and do a possible counter attack.
  • Level Change – Level change refers to the move you will do when executing an attack or a defense. It is when you move your hips up or down from your normal stance. For example, you will normally lower your hips when preparing to attack using a takedown. Then also when trying to escape a take down from your opponent, you will raise your hip and then avoid the attack. That is a level change. Changing the level of your hips depending on what will be your next move.
  • Takedown – This is a type of wrestling attack which you will take your opponent down for a score and possibly end the match if being executed properly. Takedown is usually used to neutralize the opponent and take control of the fight.
  • Reversal – This is sometimes considered as a kind of counter attack in wrestling. Reversal is a move when you act like you are defending but actually waiting for the opponent to attack. When the opponent is already attacking, you will then be on offensive.
  • Escape – This is a move to stay away from your opponent. An escape can be used also when being cornered.
  • Breakdown – A move to make the opponent off balance and down him/her to the mat.
  • Finish – Like the word means, it’s a move to end the fight by defeating your opponent by just one blow. You can also use your special moves to pin your opponent down.

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