20 Important Facts About Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway

For over 30 years of doing wrestling, The Undertaker had never stopped entertaining us on each wrestling event that he was part of. He’s a great wrestler that can do awesome things even when competing solo or in groups. The Undertaker may be old already, but his skills and attitude towards wrestling is still the same when he first set foot in the WWE ring. He’s still the same person we all love and admire throughout these years, even if most of his fights are horror-themed that sometimes a real coffin was present. Continue reading “20 Important Facts About Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway”

20 Important Facts About Seth Rollins

When talking about the famous WWE wrestlers today, Seth Rollins will always be included in that conversation. He is one of the best WWE stars like John Cena and Roman Reigns that never fails to entertain all the wrestling fans in the world. The best reason for the popularity of Seth Rollins was his great performance in the WWE ring. Because of that, he received a lot of awards and championships since he started to wrestle. Continue reading “20 Important Facts About Seth Rollins”

Steve “Stone Cold” Austin – 15 Interesting Facts

Steve “Stone Cold” Austin is a very famous wrestler and actor. He was one of the biggest stars in WWE history like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena and Hulk Hogan. Steve’s fans really loved him both for being an actor and a wrestler because of his attitude. Because of his popularity also, he had a lot of offers even outside the wrestling ring. Steve was present on many blockbuster Hollywood movies including those which he was one of the main character.
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16 Interesting Facts About Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very popular personality both for being a celebrity and as a wrestler. He may be retired already on wrestling but his fame continues as one of the most talented actors on Hollywood. He already starred on many blockbuster movies and highly rated TV shows. The Rock was the main actor on most of those. Continue reading “16 Interesting Facts About Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson”

Big Show – 8 Interesting Facts

Paul Donald Wight or commonly known by almost all wrestling fans as Big Show is a professional wrestler and actor. He has been a professional wrestler since 1999 and now currently signs with WWE. He is the tallest and the biggest man now fighting in the WWE ring. Big Show earned a lot of awards already in wrestling that includes him being the 7 time world champion. He is the only man to have held the WCW, WWF, World Heavyweight, and ECW titles. Not just that he can only fight solo because he was also a champion in the tag team division with various partners. Therefore, we can conclude that Big Show is a very talented man in the wrestling ring. We all know a lot of things about him related to wrestling, but not on the other aspects of his life.
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Common Wrestling Terminologies And Definitions

Are you fond of watching some wrestling shows? Have you heard some of their terminologies that sometimes you don’t understand? Worry no more as we will explain to you the meaning of these common wrestling terminologies below so that you can already understand what the wrestling commentators are talking the next time you will watch a wrestling match. Continue reading “Common Wrestling Terminologies And Definitions”

Common Freestyle Wrestling Moves

We are already done learning the wrestling fundamentals on our previous post. So, basically we already know the basics on how wrestling should be done correctly. Now it’s time for us to learn some of the common freestyle wrestling moves that can always be seen when we watch freestyle wrestling shows and bout. Though we always see these on TV, some of us did not even know the name of those moves that sometimes we even replicate when we do wrestling. If you want to know more and be better on wrestling, then you should learn the freestyle wrestling moves. You will practice on how it is done properly first so that you can use it if you will compete on a wrestling match. Continue reading “Common Freestyle Wrestling Moves”

Wrestling Fundamentals

Wrestling is not all about the ferocious moves and tricks that you can see in many wrestling shows on TV. It also involves skills and tactics to win the bout. If you want to try and start wrestling, you must first forget the complicated moves and tricks you have seen on TV but somehow learn the basic skills or aspects required to start doing it. These basic aspects are just too simple too understand so it would be easy for you to learn also. Continue reading “Wrestling Fundamentals”

Wrestling Physical And Mental Preparations

It is very essential to prepare your mind and body when you want to start wrestling. Being mentally prepared and physically fit will help you reach your highest potential on this kind of combat sport. Wrestling is not just based on how strong you are or how quick you are on the ring. Your presence of mind is also very important because it will be the one which will guide you throughout the game. But the questions are, how will you prepare both your mind and body?  What are the best practices you should do?

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20 Fun Facts About John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. or widely known as John Cena is a 39 year old American professional wrestler and at the same time a rapper, actor and a reality television show host also. Almost all wrestling fans know who is John Cena but there are only few who really knows him aside from being a great wrestler. So now, we will know more about him outside the 4 corners of the wrestling ring.

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