Wrestling Physical And Mental Preparations

It is very essential to prepare your mind and body when you want to start wrestling. Being mentally prepared and physically fit will help you reach your highest potential on this kind of combat sport. Wrestling is not just based on how strong you are or how quick you are on the ring. Your presence of mind is also very important because it will be the one which will guide you throughout the game. But the questions are, how will you prepare both your mind and body?  What are the best practices you should do?

Below are the most important wrestling mental and physical preparations that you can do even just by yourself. Follow all of these to stay fit and mentally prepared the next time you will do wrestling.

Physical Preparationwrestling preparation 1

  • Have a proper rest. It is very important if you are well rested before you do anything that is very tiresome like wrestling. Be sure to sleep 8 hours every night.
  • Proper diet and vitamins. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can also visit your doctor so that he can prescribe you proper vitamins for your body. Be extra cautious with your diet and your body.
  • Do jogging and other types of endurance exercises every day. This is the most effective way of improving your body’s endurance.
  • Hit the gym. Strength is very important in wrestling. You will have more advantage to your opponent if you have stronger than him. So be sure to hit the gym and lift some weights.
  • Practice some loosening exercises. Being flexible is also important to wrestling and you can have it if you practice loosening exercises every before and after wrestling practice. You can ask your wrestling coach or better yet, search on the net the most effective loosening exercises you can do.
  • Drink right amount of water. It is very important when you want to maintain the right body and weight. Because drinking too much or too less of water will result to unhealthiness or undesirable weight. You can talk to your fitness coach for more information about it or there is much free info in regards to this one on the internet that you can read anytime.

Mental Preparation

wrestling preparation 2

  • Always think that you can win. It is very useful to do not just in wrestling but in almost any kind of sport. Think and act that you can win the match. Do not think of other things except for winning. Think of it in your practice, in your sparing matches or even if you are eating. It will surely improve your performance during the match. Some call this as the “I CAN WIN FORMULA”. Trust me, it is very effective.
    • Intensity
    • Confidence
    • Attitude
    • Never say die
    • Will
    • Intestinal Fortitude/Guts
    • No Doubt
  • Believe in yourself. Do not be afraid on how tough or strong your opponent is. The winner is determined based on the result after the match, not on how you and your opponent look before the match. Just always believe in yourself that you can bring down your opponent anytime during the match.

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