Basic Boxing Tips For Beginners

Boxing is not just a combat sport today because it is widely used also as a fitness routine by many fitness enthusiasts. This was because your whole body is involved on boxing and it makes you sweat and burn fat faster. It also improves your mind and body coordination. Now, are you looking to try boxing but doesn’t know where to start? Don’t worry because we have prepared below all the necessary tips for any beginner to start doing boxing. These tips are just basics and you can follow it easily even if you don’t have any knowledge with it.

Boxing Tips For Beginners 1

Before Boxing

  • Put on the necessary equipment or clothing like boxing shorts, boxing gloves and a shirt that you are comfortable with when boxing.
  • Do not wear any jewelry.
  • Do warm ups and stretching.
  • Prepare yourself.

Boxing Training Tips

  • Start your training by punching the punching bag lightly. Always keep your form while punching and do not exert too much force with it. Do not punch just because you want to show off your punching power to someone. We recommend that you punch lightly in order for you to familiarize how to punch first on boxing.
  • Your training should be consistent and be better every day. Just rest if you are tired.
  • Drink lots of water because you will be having too much sweat when boxing.
  • Be humble at the gym and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Ask how you can improve more your punching style.

Boxing Tips For Beginners 2

Punching Tips

  • Turn your whole body when you punch. This will add more force on your punches.
  • Try to practice and use different punching styles like hooks, uppercuts and jabs.
  • The punching style that you will throw to your opponent will depend on the situation so better be observant and quick.
  • Throw combo punches sometimes also.
  • Do not let your opponent read what will your next punch would be because there is a chance that he will counter it.
  • Always try to throw solid body punches to the opponent.
  • Breathe out when throwing a punch.
  • Always throw punches even if doesn’t land or it is just a weak punch. Because the moment you stop punching, that will be the time for your opponent to take charge and start hitting you.

Boxing Tips For Beginners 3

Defending Tips

  • The first rule of defense on boxing is to stay calm. Breathe normally and always look at the movement of your opponent.
  • Defend using your hands and arm. Cover your face with your hands and the arms should cover your body. You should bow slightly to do it.
  • Don’t take your eyes off on your opponent even when taking punches from them. Leaning back is a wrong move also and might take you to the corner of the ring. It will be the worst position that you will have. What you should do when your opponent is punching you is to defend with strong counters. Your counters should be on timing to affect him.
  • Your movement should be on rhythm with his punches. Running around the ring to avoid his punches is useless and will make you exhausted in no time.
  • When your opponent is firing combos at you, don’t wait for him to finish or to be tired because this might be your end also. Defend while getting ready to shot some counter punches. One great counter punch is enough to stop the momentum of his combos. A counter punch can even knocked out an opponent if properly shot at him. So, always practice counter punching because it will be useful every time.

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