16 Important Facts About Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

Demetrious Johnson may have a small body frame, but he is one of the best and most popular MMA fighters today. He is currently the Flyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Johnson is the first and the only UFC fighter who have won this belt since September 2012 and defended it eight times already. Because of his greatness inside the octagon, he is now the top pound-for-pound MMA fighter, a spot where not just anyone can have.

For you to know more about Demetrious Johnson, we have listed 16 important facts about him below.demetrious-johnson

  1. His full name is Demetrious Khrisna Johnson and was born on August 13, 1986.
  2. Johnson was born two months premature.
  3. He had a very rough childhood because he was raised by his deaf mother and an abusive stepfather.
  4. He never met his biological father and never saw even a picture of him.
  5. His popular nicknames are: Mighty Mouse, DJ and The Moose
  6. Listed height: 5 ft 3 in Listed weight: 125lb
  7. Johnson is recognized as the quickest and most skilled fighter today.
  8. Demetrious started his career on MMA playing in the Bantamweight division, but decided to try Flyweight division in 2012.
  9. He’s been active in MMA since 2007 and won 24 of his 27 fights.
  10. Johnson has landed the most takedowns in UFC Flyweight history and also the only UFC fighter to record over 10 takedowns in three different fights.
  11. He is fighting together with his current team AMC Pankration and with his trainer, Matt Hume.
  12. Johnson started wrestling when he was still in high school and placed 3rd and 2nd during his junior and senior years.
  13. He also tried doing track and cross country for him to improve his cardio when doing wrestling.
  14. Johnson had a very impressive MMA debut when he won via first-round knockout.
  15. He is using fighting styles such as Pankration, Amateur wrestling, Catch wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
  16. Johnson and his wife, Destiny, were married in 2012 in Hawaii. They now have 2 sons, Tyren and Maverick.

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