Big Show – 8 Interesting Facts

Paul Donald Wight or commonly known by almost all wrestling fans as Big Show is a professional wrestler and actor. He has been a professional wrestler since 1999 and now currently signs with WWE. He is the tallest and the biggest man now fighting in the WWE ring. Big Show earned a lot of awards already in wrestling that includes him being the 7 time world champion. He is the only man to have held the WCW, WWF, World Heavyweight, and ECW titles. Not just that he can only fight solo because he was also a champion in the tag team division with various partners. Therefore, we can conclude that Big Show is a very talented man in the wrestling ring. We all know a lot of things about him related to wrestling, but not on the other aspects of his life.

Now, let’s discuss more interesting facts about him below paul-wight-big-showthat you might didn’t even know.

  1. He was a phenomenal athlete during his high school and college days. With his body and skill, Paul was a beast in basketball making huge scores with numerous rebounds and blocks. He is also a superb football player at the King Academy.
  2. Big Show was arrested multiple times because of some allegations of assault and nudity, but he was later found not guilty to these accusations because of lack of evidences.
  3. He appeared on many television shows already aside from WWE shows like the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the MADtv. MacGruber and Knucklehead are the movies that Big Show also appeared.
  4. He had Acromegaly when he was still a kid. It’s a disease that causes an abnormal growth of some of your body parts because of overproduction of growth hormone by the pituitary gland. Luckily, his surgery on it went successful, but he was already really big by that time.
  5. Big Show VS Mayweather once happened in the WWE ring. The two fight with each other in 2008 when Mayweather, who was in the crowd suddenly challenged Big Show. He did not win on the two fights.
  6. He was called “The Giant” when he was still starting in the wrestling business. But after a few weeks he became the Big Show maybe because the giant doesn’t clicked well on him.
  7. Paul Wight once tried sumo wrestling.
  8. He made his wrestling debut in 1999 when he challenges McMahon in a fight even McMahon was still fighting Stone Cold.

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