20 Important Facts About Seth Rollins

When talking about the famous WWE wrestlers today, Seth Rollins will always be included in that conversation. He is one of the best WWE stars like John Cena and Roman Reigns that never fails to entertain all the wrestling fans in the world. The best reason for the popularity of Seth Rollins was his great performance in the WWE ring. Because of that, he received a lot of awards and championships since he started to wrestle.

Due to his popularity, many people are also intrigued who he really was and are eager to know all the things about him. So we have enumerated all the important facts about Seth Rollins thatseth-rollins will help you know him much better. I bet some of these are totally new to you.

  1. His real name actually is Colby Daniel Lopez and he is just using Seth Rollins as his ring name.
  2. Seth was born on May 28, 1986 in Buffalo, Iowa, United States.
  3. His current residence is Davenport, Iowa, United States.
  4. He is 6 ft 1 in tall and weighing 98 kg.
  5. Aside from being a professional wrestler, he is an actor also that appears to several TV shows and movies.
  6. His ultimate idol when growing was football star Jerry Rice that Rollins wants to be a great football player also.
  7. Seth Rollins performs under the Raw brand and currently trained by Danny Daniels.
  8. He began doing wrestling at the age of 14 at his backyard together with his friends.
  9. Rollins is a former Ring of Honor Champion. It was in February 13, 2010.
  10. He was almost got fired from WWE because of his attitude but just settled it later.
  11. He was the first NXT Champion.
  12. Seth Rollins is the only wrestler to ever hold the three major wrestling crowns. These were the FCW Championship, NXT Championship and the WWE Championship.
  13. Rollins was also one of the only three wrestlers to win the WWE Championship and the ROH World Championship. The other wrestlers are CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.
  14. He was a big fan of Shawn Michaels and he once said that his dream opponent is the WWE superstar.
  15. When he first entered in WWE, his first ring name was Tyler Black but later changed to Seth Rollins when he made his debut on Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).
  16. Seth Rollins is considered to be a tag team specialist because of his numerous victories fighting on many tag matches for different promotions.
  17. It was reported that the former WWE Superstar Evan Bourne was the one that convinced Seth Rollins to join the WWE.
  18. His wrestling mentors are Triple H and Joey Mercury.
  19. He loves punk rock music.
  20. Seth Rollins also loves playing video games and even consider himself as an intense gamer.

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