Wrestling – What Is It?

What Is Wrestling?

Wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports in the world. This sport involves grappling techniques like grappling holds, clinch fighting, throws, take downs, joint locks and pins. An actual wrestling match is a physical competition of two or more fighters who are trying to gain and maintain superior position towards the opponent.

Wrestling have many styles. It is because of the mixing of the modern and ancient traditional styles. Techniques on wrestling have wrestling 1been incorporated with other martial arts and combat tactics. It depends on the player’s origin and style of training.

History Of Wrestling

Wrestling dates back to the times of the ancient people from France 15000 years ago when there are some wrestling drawings found on its cave. There are some evidences also that Ancient Greece developed wrestling since then by using this to train their soldiers and as an everyday exercise. Babylonian and Egyptian also shows that they also use wrestling by the way of a sport and it is present till now. Then some references found that it was present just as early as the time of ancient Indian Vedas. The Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata do contain some references that wrestling is one of their oldest martial arts.

Those evidences show that wrestling was already present since the ancient times on many places in the world. They either use this as training for their soldiers or just for fun through sport. Although wrestling is a bit brutal to some, we cannot hide the fact that it was really popular to the masses.

Modern Wrestling

The first time wrestling was featured as a sport was on an Olympic Gamewrestling 2s in 1896. Then since 1920, it has been part of the Olympics already using the freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling styles. Greco-Roman is an international discipline and an Olympic sport. It is forbidden to hold the opponents below the belt, trip the opponent and to use legs on any acts you will do. Freestyle wrestling on the other hand is also both an international discipline and an Olympic sport for both men and women. But freestyle wrestling is different and more popular than the Greco-Roman. It increases its popularity throughout the 19th and 20th centuries on entertainment and sport. Freestyle wrestling allows holding the opponent below the belt and using the legs for their acts.

Today, the most use wrestling styles are Greco-Roman, freestyle sombo and judo. Aside from United States, many other countries really love wrestling. As a matter of fact, wrestling is considered as a national sport in Turkey, Mongolia and Iran. They are also one of the countries that produce the best wrestlers in the world today together with USA and Russia. Like boxing, wrestling have also weight categories for both men and women. Many competitions are present today from local to international. Then there are also professional competitions like WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment that is very famous internationally. Any wrestling fan knows WWE and can tell you who their favorite WWE wrestler is.

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