Muhammad Ali – 15 Best Interesting Facts About Him

Best Interesting Facts About The Greatest Boxing Legend

  1. His real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.
  2. He has 3 nicknames: The Greatest, The Champ and The Louisville Lip
  3. He started his boxing career because his bike was stolen. His bike was stolen in October 1954 and he reported it to the police officer Joe Martin that was on a boxing gym. Martin was also a trainer and decided muhammad ali factsto train Ali when he said that he will punish the one who stole his bike. Martin became the first boxing trainer of Ali.
  4. His original name Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., like his father that was named from a 19th century farmer and anti-slavery crusader.
  5. He practiced his speed by just dodging the rocks that was thrown at him. The usual rock thrower was his younger brother Rudy that said he never hit Ali.
  6. Muhammad Ali was married 4 times and he has 7 daughters and 2 sons.
  7. Before he was named Muhammad Ali, he was named Cassius X first when he become a member of the Nation of Islam because of Malcolm X. He carried that name until March 6, 1964 when the Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad gave him a holy name, Muhammad Ali.
  8. Muhammad Ali was an actor, singer and a poet too.
  9. Ali was scared of flying but he fought this fear in order to join the 1960 Rome Olympics where he won Gold. The funny thing was that Ali was wearing a parachute during the flight which he bought from a local military surplus store.
  10. Muhammad Ali threw the gold medal he won in the Rome Olympics into the Ohio River because a waitress refused to serve him at a “whites-only” restaurant. This incident indicated that racism was so cruel on that time.
  11. Ali’s first boxing title fight was a great upset when he was just an underdog to the fight but he still managed to defeat Floyd Patterson. Patterson who was a former champion was knocked out in the first muhammad ali facts 2round of the contest. Ali was expected to lose that fight and his victory was a great upset to many boxing fans.
  12. Muhammad Ali was banned from boxing for more than 3 years. The reason is that he refuses to serve the US Military during the Vietnam War because of religious reasons in 1967. After being banned, his comeback fight was dubbed as “The Fight Of The Century”. The ticket was very on demand that even Frank Sinatra could not get a ticket easily to get inside as a reporter of Life Magazine.
  13. He developed Parkinson’s disease because of the injuries he suffers throughout his boxing career.
  14. His boxing record was: 61 fights, 56 wins, 37 win by KO, 5 losses
  15. Muhammad Ali once convinced Saddam Hossein to free 15 Americans that was being captivated. It was in 1990 that Hossein hostage 2,000 foreigners. Ali flew to Baghdad immediately and convinced Hossein to release these hostages. After 50 minutes if negotiation, 15 Americans was freed by Hossein because of Ali.

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