7 Top Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport as of today. Maybe because it is widely considered as a sport, a fitness routine and a type of self defense. But it is more popular as a fitness routine by many people because of how intense this sport is. Doing boxing provides the best workout you can have. All the bones and muscles of your body will be use. More fats will be burn. That’s how intense boxing is but it’s not just that. There are a lot of other benefits that you can have by doing boxing. Know some of it below.

  1. Reduced stress

It was already proven than any form of exercise can reduce stress same with boxing. Also through boxing, you can release all your frustrations and anger by throwing punches to the punching bag. Trust me, it will be a lot better after. Don’t stop until you are feeling okay.

  1. Improve hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a very important aspect on every person’s physical coordination. It will boxing benefitsbe the basis of a person’s reflexes and reaction time. Improving it is so important especially during aging because reflexes are the first to slow down as a person gets old. Boxing will help you a lot to improve your hand-eye coordination. All the trainings and workouts designed for boxing are for improvement of your body coordination. Though it’s tough for the first time, it will be easier through time of intense practice and it will certainly be worth it.

  1. Total body strength improvement

Boxing workouts will improve your total body strength without you knowing. Even little drills like pushups and squats can already build so much muscle strength on you. So the next time you hit the gym for some boxing lessons, never think of missing the basic drills.

  1. Improve cardiovascular endurance

Cardiovascular endurance means the ability of your heart, lungs and blood vessels to deliver enough oxygen to your body. Through boxing, your heart will always be exercised to cope up with your intense training. It will certainly improve your cardiovascular endurance and you will certainly have a stronger heart. This will prevent you from having any heart related problems.

  1. Weight Loss

One hour of boxing workout is proven to burn at least 550 calories depending on the intensity level of workout you are doing. So it will certainly help you achieve that fit body you are always dreaming of.

  1. Self-defense

Boxing is a combat sport and it will certainly teach you some street fighting techniques that you can use in case you are in trouble. It can be use as a self-defense but be sure that you will not become a person that will start a fight just to boast your boxing skills. You have to maintain humbleness and stay out of trouble.

  1. Help build strong bones and muscles

The boxing drills and workouts will certainly build strong muscles in your body. It can also improve the strength of your bones. The effect of boxing is just the same with lifting weights at the gym. The only difference is that on boxing you are not just lifting weights, you are also improving your total body coordination.

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