18 Interesting Facts About Floyd Mayweather Jr.

We are done discussing the facts about Manny Pacquaio. Now let’s tackle on one of the greatest and also the very controversial opponent of Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd is a famous professional boxer and a promoter that is also considered as one of the greatest boxers of all time. His last fight was with Manny Pacquaio that was dubbed as the “Fight of the Century”. Floyd remains undefeated on his 49 fights as a professional boxer. He received a lot of huge awards from many boxing magazines and organizations including the “The Ring magazine’s Fighter of the Year award in 1998 and 2007. His latest award came from ESPN when they ranked Floyd as the greatest pound for pound boxer on the last 25 years.

Below are some interesting facts about Floyd floyd-mayweather-jrMayweather Jr. that you might didn’t even know:

  1. Floyd Mayweather may be one of the richest athletes today but he grew up in a poor and problematic family because of the involvement of his parents on illegal drugs.
  2. He has big bodyguards protecting him all the time that is known as “The Great Wall”.
  3. Floyd was the highest paid athlete in two consecutive years (2014 & 2015) according to Forbes.
  4. He once fought in WWE in 2008 having Big Show as his opponent.
  5. He lives in Las Vegas so he decided to have all his fights there.
  6. Floyd’s fight with De La Hoya in 2007 generates about $136 million revenue.
  7. Though he has “Pretty Boy” nickname, that doesn’t mean that he is also a good boy. In fact, Floyd was charged with a lot of domestic violence charges.
  8. Mayweather doesn’t idolized fellow great boxers and instead, he is a big fan of successful businessmen.
  9. Yes, Mayweather never tasted defeat as professional boxer but he once lost when he was still an amateur boxer in the 1996 Olympic Semifinals to Bulgaria’s Serafim Todorov.
  10. Justin Bieber is training boxing with Floyd.
  11. Floyd collects a lot of expensive watches and even named them uniquely.
  12. Because his big bodyguards are always with him anywhere he goes to, he needs to charter separate jet for them when they travel to keep the weight on his private jet.
  13. He doesn’t wear the same underwear twice.
  14. He reportedly spent $100,000 in a one strip club visit.
  15. Mayweather was the National Golden Gloves champion for three years (1993, 1994, and 1996).
  16. He has a habit of betting on a sporting event like in an NBA game.
  17. Floyd is already very rich but his favorite food remains the same, fried hotdogs with barbecue sauce.
  18. He has a lot of critics and haters but we cannot hide his generosity as he help families in Decatur District of Las Vegas build homes.

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