Joe Frazier – 12 Interesting Facts

Joe Frazier, the legendary boxer that we can always connect to another one greatest boxer named Muhammad Ali. Frazier was a professional boxer and was the former World Heavyweight Champion of the world. He was one of the pound for pound boxers during his prime because of his solid knockout punches and high IQ of the sport. The solid proof of him being a knockout puncher was his record of 27 knockouts out of his 32 wins.

joe-frazierTo honor the greatness of Joe Frazier, we have prepared some interesting facts about him on and off the boxing ring.

  1. Joe Frazier came from a poor family. His mother sometimes sold drinks to the people who will came to their house to watch boxing fights on TV.
  2. His first punching bag is a bag filled with a lot of old clothing that he can found on their home.
  3. Frazier’s nickname came from his coach who tells him to make his gloves smoke at the start of every fight.
  4. He worked as a slaughter in Philadelphia before he became a boxer. That is the place where he sometimes practice boxing by punching the meats hanging in the refrigerated room.
  5. Frazier love to eat seafood especially stewed crabs.
  6. Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali may be rivals inside the boxing ring but certainly they don’t have any resentment with each other. In fact, Frazier was one of the petitioners when President Nixon banned Ali from boxing for three years.
  7. He was the defender of his friends when being bullied during their childhood because of his strong built body.
  8. Joe Frazier was really a great boxer but the world didn’t know much of his singing skills. He once sang with The Knockouts band and The Essential Band in different events.
  9. Frazier won the gold medal in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. But only a few people did know that he was only a substitute at that time. The original competitor was Buster Mathis.
  10. Like Mike Tyson, Frazier was also featured in The Simpsons twice, in 1992 and 2006.
  11. Frazier owned a boxing gym in Philadelphia before he sold it when he was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure in 2009.
  12. It was only in September 2011 when he knew that he has a cancer but it is already in advanced stage at that time.

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